At Blessington Counselling & Psychotherapy we offer a private, confidential and safe space where you can talk freely about what is on your mind in a non-judgemental, caring environment. Our approach to counselling is based upon modern professional standards, taking an integrative, humanistic approach that draws upon person-centred therapy (PCT), choice theory / reality therapy (CT/RT), motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

It is important that counselling works for you, and different approaches work for different people. As a general policy, Blessington Counselling & Psychotherapy adopts a ‘solution-focused’ approach and for many clients, their issues can be addressed between four to eight weekly sessions. With good initial progress, some clients prefer to move to fortnightly rather than weekly sessions. Other people benefit from more medium-term or longer-term engagement. In all cases, we check in regularly with our clients on progress and on whether they see a continuing value in attending counselling. Blessington Counselling & Psychotherapy has an ‘open door’ policy: it is not uncommon for past clients, who have successfully dealt with issues, to drop in for a refresher session or to check-in on progress they are making, and challenges they are experiencing.

We are here for you when you need us, today and every day.